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Feel like life is on repeat? Maybe it’s time to change the channel. TBN UK is home to quality Christian media, entertainment, teaching, and community.

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About TBN UK

TBN UK's aim is to share the love of God, representing authentic Christianity across the UK. We are committed to creating content to support a well-rounded and balanced Christian lifestyle.

With a line-up of exciting, wholesome, and inspirational Christian programmes and platforms, TBN UK is redefining Christian television and leading the way into a new exciting era of credible Christian broadcasting.

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TBN UK is part of the world’s largest Christian television network, and is the only faith channel broadcasting on Freeview TV - the largest TV platform in the UK. The channel is also available 24/7 on Sky in the UK and Ireland.

Our mission is to share the love of God and represent authentic Christianity in the UK, through quality TV and online media.


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