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Thank God for TBN UK. I was a heroin addict for 40 years. I was in hell and God used you to set me free. Praise the Lord! 

TBN UK viewer

I have a terminal illness, so I really appreciate your programmes. They give me so much pleasure.


I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to the TBN UK Prayer Team. Over the last three years, I have sent in prayer requests around some big decisions in my life and it has been a real encouragement to know that there are others praying along with me. As a result of those requests, I am walking in the calling that God has over my life, serving others through ministry, my personal life and through my job each week. I thank God for all He is doing in and through this organisation. May God richly bless you all.


Thank you so much for your help. I believe when more than two pray, Jesus is in the midst of us. So very grateful for your prayers as your kindness shines through you all when I see you in the office on the TV. I am so grateful for all your prayers. May the Lord grant you all many blessings. Yours forever in the Lord. 


Thank you all for the wonderful uplifting content on your channel. I am going through a very difficult time with domestic issues, you have helped me to cope daily. Please find enclosed a small recognition of your support. I enjoy the many helpful and encouraging programmes. Love and God bless you all.


Thank you TBN UK for the wonderful work you do in spreading the gospel worldwide, for being an immense blessing to me in my health challenges, and providing hope through the Word. I know one day I will be walking, leaping again, and praising God’s Word in the land of the living. God bless you all. 


The inspiration behind my creative business came while listening to a sermon on TBN UK so I cannot thank you guys enough for the Spirit-led influence and the godly motivation that you provided… And even though it has taken a long time to put everything together – our patience, steadfastness and forbearance have been stretched like never before! – we are very happy and humbled to have been led in this ministry by the Lord… I am very grateful and thankful for the immense influence that TBN UK have had in my life and on my faith.


It is my pleasure to be able to support you, and I have wanted to do so for many years and now I am finally able to do so. I love some of the programmes which have impacted on my faith as a practicing Catholic. I watched the first time TBN UK was aired. It’s my ‘go to’ channel for peace of mind. With God’s grace I will be able to support you for many years.


Thanks for your newsletter. I only found your channel at the beginning of the year, and now I watch it all the time. Watching your channel has brought God and Jesus into my life. It seemed to happen so quickly, I feel like a born again Christian and it’s so wonderful.


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully inspiring channel. I have been watching it for over a year now and God truly moves & speaks to me, every time I watch!  


I’ve had this pain in my eyes for a while and so I called the TBN UK prayer team asking for healing and listened to healing messages. I woke up one morning with no pain in my eyes and this is the best I’ve felt. Praise God!


Greetings, I was watching TBN UK and I witnessed a profound and direct call to salvation, by a passionate and spirit-filled author and speaker called Barry. I have been a Christian for 26 years and have said the prayer of salvation many times. But there was something so urgent and powerful in Barry’s testimony, that not only did I feel led to pray the sinner’s prayer again but to contact TBN UK as Barry suggested. I also recently began holding house church in my home. 

TBN UK viewer

About our programmes

TBN UK viewer

I’m on a spiritual journey to finding Christ! I come from a Muslim background. I found out via a friend who watched you [TBN Presents: Emmanuel Adeseko] on TV, she said it was one of the most inspirational messages she ever watched on TBN UK


I absolutely loved Melanated Stories. It brought back so many memories. I can’t wait for more episodes. It’s such an honest and poignant account that I could relate to on many levels.


Wow I enjoyed watching [Awakening with Jon Colyer]. I’ve been watching for a good while now. First time I watched I couldn’t stop crying, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately I cannot get out my home because I am ill with a lung condition which causes my heart to race away. When I feel empty, I watch this programme and I connect with it. Thank you Jon.

TBN UK viewer

In Greater Detail with Dr Michael Youssef and Dr RT Kendall was good. I was really educated by their life and ministry stories. Thank you


Cutting edge broadcasting [Fit For Purpose: Mentoring & Leadership]. I caught last night’s edition, doesn’t dodge any issues.


I really enjoyed Sacred Harmony. Very interesting and inspiring hearing about St Patrick. Lovely music and beautiful locations. Thank you to Simon Lole and the Very Rev John Mann. 


Thank you for the sobering but also heartening truths on Fit For Purpose: Preaching the New Covenant. It’s good to know that God’s spoken Word has the same authority it had millenniums ago.


I like Noel Robinson on Vox Collective where he interviews upcoming worshippers and already established worshippers. I really like the way Noel interacts with the person and reveals their inner workings and passion. I can learn so much just by listening and watching how God is moving in person’s lives and how He is transforming people’s lives globally.


I am loving Gerry Malanda’s series [Voice of Healing]. What a man of God! Thank you for all that you do TBN team.


Excellent session [Fit For Purpose: Youth & crime]. Measured comments from real experience.

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