several broadcast TV cameras shooting against a cyc in the TBN UK studios

Studio hire in London

Rent out our studio space for your next production.

London Studio Hire

Whether you’re looking for a 1000 ft² studio for photography, or a 7000 ft² studio complete with broadcast cameras, gallery, lighting and set – we can help.

We’ve got the studio space, you’ve got the production. Let’s work together!

Studio C empty

Versatile studio spaces

Studio A empty

Audience seating room

Rooftop empty

Outdoor roof terrace

studio B empty

Green screen curve

Our Studios

We have 3 studios available with a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

Studio A

Studio A is a stage studio, complete with audience seating

Studio B

Studio B is a modern cyclorama studio

Steve Uppal on the Revival Ready set at TBN UK London Studios

Studio C

Studio C is a loft Studio

Our Production Services

Full studio gallery with space for producers, director, live graphics and audio.

Lighting consultation and rigging

Camera Hire – traditional broadcast HD or online 4K

Audio to suit your needs

Pre-production, Production and Post-production quotes available on request.

Once you’ve sent your requirements through, our dedicated studio hire team will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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