Online update: Catchup TV, movies and more!

TBN UK News TV Highlights

The latest update to the TBN UK On Demand platform contains a number of new features that we’re very excited to tell you all about!

Catchup TV

Missed a programme you love? Now you can access almost all your favourite programmes in our brand new Catchup TV tab, offering you a way to go back through the last 7 days of TBN UK content. Never miss an episode again!

Movies On Demand

Did you know some of our most watched content on the channel are our regular movies? We’ve previously not been able to offer movies online due to licensing restrictions, but over the coming year we will be releasing a number of new movies for you to view On Demand, such as Who Am I, The Masked Saint, and Everything I Am.

All-new 24/7 Livestream

We’ve listened to the feedback from our viewers, and have invested into a new system for our 24/7 livestream. We’ve spent about a year implementing a rock-solid broadcast feed coming in, with a backup livestream feed in case of issues.

Additionally, you can now see information about what’s playing right now, as well as the TV guide for upcoming programmes.

Already signed up?

If you’re an existing user, you may need to update your app and reset your password to get access – see below to find out what you need to do.

How to Upgrade

Whether or not you need to update your app will depend:

  • if you only use the website ( or the website in your mobile browser, you will already be on the latest version
  • if your smart device is set to auto-update, you will be on the latest version

How can I tell if I’m on the latest version?

If you’re on the latest version, you don’t need to upgrade. There are a few tell-tale signs:

The clearest is that on the new apps, you will see a button for Catchup. This is not available in the previous version of the app.

The new app also has a different intro animation which looks like the image above on the left.

Our exclusive new programme covering the highlights from the 3rd Annual StepFWD Awards (below) is only available on the brand new apps – so if you can’t find it, you will need to upgrade.

Upgrading your app

Depending on whether your app is on Apple (iPhone), Amazon Fire, Android or Android TV, there will be a different approach to updating. Please follow the links below for your device:

How to update Apple iPhone apps
How to update Google Play apps (Android)
How to update Roku software
How to update Amazon Fire apps

Remember, these steps are only required if you don’t have auto-update enabled. Once you’ve followed the update steps, you should have access to the new app! However, there is one more step:

Help! It says ‘my account is locked’

Don’t panic! We have moved all existing users over to a new system, but for security reasons we can’t copy your password over to the new app. So all existing users will need to reset their password. Here’s how:

Firstly Go to the login page, and look for the link “Forgot Your Password“, which will be underneath the button:

(If you find yourself on the register page, you will need to scroll down and click login under “Already have an account?“)

This will take you to a password reset form. Enter your email in and click submit.

You will then receive an email from us which will have a password reset link – you will need to follow this link and enter a new password. That’s all! And now you have access to all new Catchup TV, movies, and exclusive content!

We hope you enjoy the new updates and we look forward to a couple of new exciting announcements soon… spoiler alert: our apps will soon be available on more TVs than ever! Watch this space.