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Our TBN UK partners create a backbone for the incredible and transforming work carried out at our London studios and beyond. A partner gives regularly, making us able to continue producing and broadcasting quality Christian programming to every home in the UK and beyond.

Your giving helps us to share the love of God and represent authentic Christianity in the UK, through quality TV and online media.

This Month’s Partnership Gift

Share the message of hope

The Here’s Hope New Testament is perfect for anyone coming to God’s Word for the first time. Featuring an easy-to-follow ‘Roman Road’ plan of salvation and a special ‘where to find it’ index section, this highly readable Christian Standard Bible translation is a wonderful resource that shares the good news of the Gospel and the hope found in a living, everyday relationship with Jesus Christ.

Together we are able to see the love of God shared across the UK. As we empower, equip, and inspire, we hear so many testimonies of transformation from our viewers. We have seen God move in power across our nation.

We are so grateful for every bit of support, however big or small, with every penny facilitating the life changing work of TBN UK.

Thank you for making sure that gospel-centred content can be easily found by every person, everywhere, through TV and online media.

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