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September 2023

In the Autumn issue of The Feed, we’re asking what place emerging technologies have in our faith and ministries. Can God speak through AI? Can His spirit move in a digital world? And has so much really changed? Plus your September TBN UK highlights.

August 2023

Details of new programmes for this month on the channel, on demand, and on YouTube, plus information about our featured course on Grow with TBN UK.

July 2023

Find out about all the latest TV, YouTube, and On Demand highlights from around TBN UK this month including a new series of Big Church Festival!

June 2023

Read our new quarterly magazine, The Feed, for all the latest TBN UK updates

May 2023

Celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation
and highlights for the month of May

April 2023

Easter highlights on TBN UK
and what to look out for this April

March 2023

The Cost of Living and Partner
Time becomes TBN UK Weekly…

February 2023

Pray with the Persecuted Church
& Declaration 2023 Highlights

January 2023

Declaration, a reflection on 2022,
and a fresh vision for TBNUK!