Pray with the Persecuted Church  

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Open Doors open our eyes to the unimaginable experiences of so many Christians around the world today. Tune in from March 3rd at 9:30pm to hear amazing stories, meet inspiring people, and pray for the persecuted Church in this brand-new series. 

It’s safe to say this insightful new show will broaden our understanding and our connection to our brothers and sisters in Christ, across the globe… 

Explore the reality for secret believers: those living in countries where Christianity is either completely illegal, or so heavily monitored that meeting together is forbidden.  

Understand the pressures on the next generation who stand in faith despite threats of isolation and violence.  

Empathise with single parents who are bringing up children in the midst of persecution.  

Stand alongside refugees in prayer and practical support.  

Plus a brand new set!

With twelve episodes, each dedicated to unique topics and real stories, there’ll be endless ways in which to engage and pray, as we seek God for the protection of our worldwide Christian family.

Open Doors is a charity helping persecuted Christians in over 70 countries across the world.  
Over 360 million Christians suffer persecution and discrimination. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost. With your help, Open Doors are bringing them resources, protection, and hope. 

Tune in on Friday 3rd March at 9:30am, repeats Sunday at 9:30am.


Taylor Bentliff

Taylor works within our brand team at TBN UK, looking after the majority of our editorial copy and wording across online, print, and production platforms. Taylor has spent 10 years working in Christian media and loves to bring words together to share God's truth.

You may have seen her on various TBN UK programmes including Big Church Day Out, TBN Meets, Start Your Day, Praise, and Partner Time.

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She is also the founder of Clarity Magazine for Christian women, and on the Leadership Team for Newday, a Christian youth event coming soon to TBN UK!