Rachel Hughes on TBN Presents
Rachel Hughes on TBN Presents

Rachel Hughes

Co-founder of The Orchard and Senior Pastor at Gas Street Church

Rachel is co-founder of The Orchard, and together with her husband Tim, they are the lead pastors of Gas Street Church. She hosts her own series of “TBN Presents.”

Rachel is a mum to five lovely children. Rachel and Tim co-founded Gas Street, a church located in Birmingham in 2015, where Rachel currently serves as the co-lead Pastor. Rachel’s professional background includes experience in Television & Media, and she also worked on the staff team at HTB for several years. Among her many interests, Rachel is particularly passionate about empowering young women to take on leadership roles and motivating families to engage in fostering and adopting.

Rachel desires to see women, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, confidently and intentionally embracing each season of their lives. They are continually strengthened and grounded by the profound truths found in God’s Word, unaffected by the cultural values that may seek to divert or deplete them. Rachel prays that women acknowledge their imperfections but revel in the perfect love they receive from Jesus.