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God’s Appointed Times

Join Rabbi Jason Sobel and seven guests from diverse cultural backgrounds as they explore the spiritual meaning of the biblical Jewish holidays.

Why should Christians prioritize understanding the biblical Jewish holidays? As believers have drifted from our Jewish heritage, we’ve distanced ourselves from ancient biblical traditions. Yet, these holidays hold profound significance for our faith, despite many Christians being unaware of their importance. Festivals such as Sukkot, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashanah aren’t exclusive to the Jewish community; they’re divine appointments intended to enrich our relationship with Jesus.

Embark on an enlightening eight-week journey with “God’s Appointed Times,” exploring seven of the holiest periods in the year. Led by esteemed author and teacher Rabbi Jason Sobel, whose upbringing in a traditional Jewish household provided him with a unique perspective on these holidays. Following a transformative encounter with Jesus, Rabbi Jason devoted his life to the Messiah and now endeavours to help believers worldwide reconnect with the Jewish roots of their faith. By revealing the intricate connection between the old and the new, Rabbi Jason invites us to see Jesus through the lens of Jewish tradition.

Through their insightful conversations and teachings, you’ll uncover fresh perspectives on God’s promises and experience a deeper level of spiritual fulfilment in your faith journey.

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