TBN UK Weekly with Larissa, Graham and Emily

TBN UK Weekly

The Weekly round-up of all that’s happening at TBN UK! Join Emily, Larissa, and guests in our London studio. They’ll take us behind the scenes of popular programmes, discuss topical issues, and take a look at what’s coming up on our platforms. Every week, a TBN UK team member will reflect on faith and the Bible, providing an encouragement for our viewers and everyone working on the production!

TBN UK Weekly with Emily and Larissa

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Mayomi sharing a message on TBN Weekly
Emily Martin presenting on TBN Weekly
Larissa and Graham on TBN Weekly doing a silly dance.
Emily Martin on screen
Larissa Heath on the TBN Weekly set
Laughing on together on the TBN Weekly set
Taylor Bentliff sharing on TBN Weekly
On The TBN Weekly set - behind the scenes