Kika Ashanike in front of a purple background with some hanging lights

Kika Ashanike

Writer, Speaker, and Founder of Pure Hearts

Kika is a writer, speaker, and founder of Pure Hearts. She hosts her own series of TBN Presents and the devotional show, A Moment With Kika.

Driven by a strong calling to serve, Kika established the UK Christian charity, Pure Hearts. This unique organization provides a sanctuary for God’s people to seek healing and find their path to wholeness, all while propelling them into leadership roles and a deeper connection with their spiritual identity.

Kika is not only a charitable leader but also an accomplished writer and a prominent voice in the media. She has authored books addressing critical subjects such as family dysfunction, emotional healing, intimacy with God, and servant leadership. Collaborating with renowned speakers and voices worldwide.

As a skilled leader with a keen sense of purpose and vision mapping, Kika also serves as the director of LVC Trust, a leadership and consultancy platform. This organization offers support to individuals, faith networks, and small to medium-sized enterprises in registering as charities, understanding their divine calling and purpose, and discovering the authentic essence of leadership.