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Follow singer-songwriter Sharlene–Monique, this Black History Month, as she goes on a journey, exploring stories from the voices of the black Christian community. We’ll be shedding a wholesome light on culture, family, health and more across Britain’s past, present, and future. 

We’re so excited for these new weekly episodes, celebrating the diversity and stories found behind British front doors! Episode one will take a look at growing up black and British, and the differences in family culture and understanding of where individuals ‘come from’. Guests will share their stories on issues such as parenting styles, marriage, and representation, to name just a few. Sharlene-Monique will also be focusing on Church and tradition. Explore the reality, for many, of being the first generation to move to a different nation, living in the UK as black believers and celebrate some of the legacies across music and church culture. Speaking of music, guests will also be taking a look at the entertainment industry and how it has evolved within the black British community.  

There’ll be episodes dedicated to health and well-being, as well as the important and highly discussed topic: education. The education and justice system for ethnic minorities has been a point of dispute for many years: we’ll hear from those who have seen the system change over the decades, as well as hearing their personal first-hand experiences.

Sharlene-Monique on Melanated Stories

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