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Embrace The Journey (Series 7)

In the tough situations, times of waiting, or seasons of grief, we may want to rush or avoid our circumstances. As tempting as this may seem, this is where so many miss the beauty of life. Join with Becky Murray, and guests, as they look at how to thrive in every of season of life and embrace the journey. 

“I believe with all my heart that God is sovereign. That doesn’t mean He necessarily causes the troubles we face but I believe everything is Father filtered,” she explains, “His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts above ours. Therefore, if we submit even our darkest pains and deepest disappointments to God, our heavenly Father, then watch how He can turn it around. Each and every time He will do one of two things, He will either turn our situations around for His Glory, or He will turn us around!” 


Ten years of One by One 

Don’t miss this Embrace the Journey special, celebrating 10 years of Becky’s global charity work.

As founder and CEO of One By One, an organisation that seeks to end exploitation of the vulnerable around the world, Becky is hosting a special celebration episode of Embrace The Journey, to mark 10 years of life-changing global outreach. This faith-building, hour-long special will explore how Becky’s vision, received as just a teenager, grew into a decade-long adventure of transforming lives, one person at a time.

Becky Murray on the set of Embrace the Journey

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Becky Murray on Embrace the Journey
Becky Murray on Embrace the Journey
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