The 12 week Bible reading plan for self-isolation: week twelve


It’s week twelve – we did it! We’ve covered the twelve smallest books of the Bible over the past three months (to catch up find the links at the bottom of this post). From one-minute reads, to slightly larger books we’ve taken a journey of challenge, encouragement and hope together. Here’s the last in the 12-week series…  

Week twelve : Zephaniah

Well done for reaching week twelve! Why not tell us which has been your favourite book so far? Zephaniah is a powerful book. Although short, it really packs some punch. Here, we see Zephaniah witnessing the corruption of pretty much every main institution among God’s people. Allowing Canaanite influence to seep in, people are worshipping false gods, their handling of money is corrupt, and leaders are being unjust. Similarly to Habakkuk (week ten), he has seen the Israelite’s downfall coming for a long time and is trying to show how dark the world has become, ahead of God sending his burning judgement. Our twelve weeks end appropriately with a reminder of God’s promise to bless, heal, and restore people and our world.  

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