The 12 week Bible reading plan for self-isolation: week eight


Week eight – that’s 2/3 of the way! Our Bible study is bringing you a book per week to get you through the 12-week isolation period. We’ve started small, and increased the word count each week, so hopefully you’re finding it easier each time to carve out some extra study time. Find the previous weeks at the bottom of this post if you’d like to join us.

Week eight: Nahum  

This book is a reminder that God will not allow violent, corrupt and oppressive leaders and nations to stand forever. Nahum uses a series of poems and writings to summarise the downfall of Israel’s enemies. He uses the examples of Assyria and Babylon to demonstrate this. However, the picture is pointing to something bigger – a pattern of human rebellious behaviour and God’s victory. It shows that those who are treated unjustly will be vindicated by God, if they find refuge in Him. The picture of the corrupt Assyrian king being fatally wounded, points us to the day when all evil will be blotted out by God.  

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