The 12 week Bible reading plan for self-isolation: week nine


This is week nine of our 12 week Bible reading plan, and the start of a new month. Since the announcement that over one million people would need to stay in, to avoid contracting Coronavirus, we’ve been working through twelve of the smallest books of the Bible. We hope this is encouraging to you, and you’re finding joy in taking time out. For the previous books, scroll to the bottom of the post.  

Week nine : Jonah  

Jonah is a well-known story, with many remembering the appearance of a large fish or ‘whale’.  

But, the point of Jonah goes deeper than studying sea life. The book challenges us to leave justice to God, instead of deciding who deserves grace and who doesn’t. It challenges us to listen to God, and get out of our small bubble. We see the power of God as he stops the storm, provides the fish, and has the entire nation of Nineveh repent after a 5 word sermon from Jonah. We also see the ability of those we think of as far from God, to repent and acknowledge who God is. We see this in the sailors, and the powerful king.  

Week eight: Nahum  

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