Building a creative business with Menekşe Stewart


Taylor sat down with the founder of Cheerfully Given to discuss the daunting and exciting reality of building a creative business…

Meneske Stewart

Full of fab ideas and positive advice, Menekşe was keen to share on the importance of resilience, community, and learning, when launching a business. She shared great tips with us on how to stay on top of our game, be bold in our faith, and ask: ‘What’s the worst that can happen!?’

She explained: “That’s just been something that has helped me get perspective. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, most often with these things, the worst that could happen is that your material or physical life might feel a bit uncomfortable for a while but the best that could happen is that hundreds of thousands of people could be exposed to Jesus and come to know him! That’s really helped me in my most anxious circumstances.”

Menekşe is a marketing expert and church leader, as well as being a pioneer for Christian creative business. She has grown a huge following, but doesn’t take all of the credit for her juggling act! She reminded us that God has unlimited ability to provide for the things He calls us to.
She explained: “He can give us the resources we need, whether it’s time ,or energy, finances, or community.”

With this confidence in God and a budding customer base, she continues to bring people together to share in their faith and express themselves through beautiful art, gifts and homewares.
“For me to have those physical reminders of my faith around my home is not only good for me, week-to-week, to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus but it’s also good when people come into our home, they understand that we are Christians and that Jesus shapes everything that we do, whether they’re atheists, Muslims, Buddhists or other Christians,” she explained.

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