A Celtic Christmas

TV Highlights

Cosy up in a warm-lit corner of Glasgow for a Celtic Christmas musical special.  

If music is one of your favourite parts of Christmas, then you’re in good company. Christian music collective, Celtic Worship, join us to share a Scottish-inspired new album, filled with classic hymns and fresh new songs. Enjoy beautifully fresh renditions of Hark the Herald, Joy to the World, O Holy Night and many more – with the authentic sounds of the Celtic whistles, bagpipes, and fiddle. The group will also be performing their beautiful new singles; ‘Prince of Peace’ and ‘Prologue’.  
It wouldn’t be Christmas without looking to the account of the birth of Jesus and so we’ll also hear from the Word of God in Bible readings throughout the episodes.  

Tune in to this sparkling new series, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus through classic hymns and exciting new songs. All episodes are now available on demand: watch.tbn.uk/a-celtic-christmas



Taylor Bentliff

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