Vox Collective: The diverse new worship series

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Noel Robinson and the Kingdom Worship Movement band host the brand-new worship series, Vox Collective, on TBN UK. Noel tells us more about the show and its focus on the diversity, creativity and unity of the UK worship scene today…  

What is the Kingdom Worship Movement?  
The Kingdom Worship Movement was started 12 years ago in response to people gathering across the denomination divides for worship – so unity and revival was the common ground. Our mandate is to bring people into a new revelation of who Jesus is, through training and encounter meetings.

Where did the title ‘Vox Collective’ come from?  
It almost explains itself in that we are trying to capture the voices of our generation, not just through a song but through their life testimonies that help to create the sound and the song.  

There are around 30 guests appearing on the show – how did you pull them all together?  
One of the components of true unity and revival is relationships. They are forged and over many years you become aware of the many voices that are bringing change to their world. 

Why is worship music important?  

We define worship as humanity’s response to the revelation of who Jesus is. The vehicle of music and worship is one of the keys that God has given us to enter His presence. Through music, we encourage the participant to encounter and experience the presence of God. Every person has a worship chromosome – something that is connected to their creator – that inner cry that can only be satisfied in the presence of God.

What is your hope for the series?  
We hope that Vox Collective will be a catalyst that ushers in a new expression connected to a new revelation of who Jesus is for our generation. That the listener will encounter the Jesus the music speaks about and, as they engage, their faith will be lifted so they face the issues of their world knowing that His presence is with them.

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