Crowd of thousands stand in front of lit stage, worshipping God together

Newday 2022

Attend the biggest Christian youth festival in the UK, as Newday returns to Norfolk Showground! Explore the venues, get top tips from seminar hosts, worship together, and hear great preaches from UK Bible teachers and youth leaders.

Each episode features a look behind the scenes at the event, conversations with those who attended, worship songs, and the full evening messages filmed on the mainstage.

Andrew Wilson recalls the book of Romans in his own words, for this generation to understand. TJ Koleoso speaks powerfully on the topic of shame, while Taylor Bentliff invites listeners to come home to God’s household. Plus, Ben Rowe digs into the subject of repentance and Joe Macnamara unpacks the picture of us as sheep and Jesus as the good shepherd.


Taylor Bentliff
Taylor Bentliff

Presenter and speaker

Taylor works within our brand team at TBN UK, looking after the majority of our editorial copy and wording across online, print, and production platforms. Taylor has spent 10 years […]

JoMac speaking at Newday 22