TBN UK Highlights – Feb 2022

TV Highlights

As winter draws to a close and spring approaches, we are looking forward to sharing great new content with you to fill the longer days. Whether you prefer to watch on TV, online, or on-the-go, there’s uplifting content for everyone to enjoy across TBN UK platforms.

A Royal Priesthood

Rev David Peterson is back in the TBN UK studios, this time bringing iconic Bible stories to life with passion, props, and humour as he encourages us to worship as a Royal Priesthood.


For 12 episodes, Church of England minister David Peterson will be drawing out important scriptural principles for everyday living, applying the well-known stories of Cain and Abel, Samson, King David, and more, to our own modern world. In our first episode, we’ll be unpacking Acts 16:22-30, looking at the difficult and desperate situation that Paul and Silas found themselves in, and how they were able to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of God.

How can we take inspiration from their worship in the darkness, and their experience of God’s power in their prison cell?

David implores us: “Even though you’ve got the chains on your hands, still praise Him. Still praise Him even in your doubt.”

Weekly episodes start on Wednesday 9th February at 8pm!



Join Proclaimers’ exciting and informative new series, ‘Portraits of Christ’, as they take fascinating artist portraits of Christ, highlighting essential teaching about Jesus. From Leonardo’s Salvidor Mundi to Michelangelo’s Pieta, they’ll provide real-world applications for life. Tune in on Sundays at 1pm.



Join Alive Church every Sunday evening for worship and the Word. The show will feature a weekly message from Alive’s senior pastor, Stuart Bell, on ‘The Power of…’ You can watch the latest episodes on Sundays at 5:30pm.



Explore the intersection of celebrity, popular culture, and faith with Studio 5! In this weekly series, Efrem Graham delivers good news, and an inside look at movies, music, sports, and television through in-depth interviews. Tune in on Wednesdays at 8:30am.


TBN Presents

There’s even more fantastic teaching coming your way from great UK leaders and teachers, on TBN Presents...


Mondays at 7:30pm: Andy Elmes, lead pastor of Family Church, looks at the important spiritual foundations that we can build our lives upon. Topics will include grace, justification, the new creation, and more. Missed an episode? Catch up On Demand!


Wednesdays at 7pm: Steve Uppal, senior pastor at All Nations, helps us to discover the ancient paths that unlock Kingdom principles. Applying these truths will build a solid and firm foundation for your life, marriage, and ministry.


Thursdays at 7:30pm: Dr Lavanya Dua, from Equippers Church Surrey, shares how we can have good mental health — how we can renew our minds, overcome stress, anxiety and depression, and break the power of fear.

This Month’s Partnership Gift

Receive God’s Refreshing in Every Season! Even in the wilderness, God is present with more than enough to sustain you.


In his powerful best-selling book, God’s Provision for Your Every Need, Bishop T.D. Jakes shows how, in the driest and most desolate times of your life, the heavenly Father will abundantly pour out His refreshing and bring you renewed faith and confidence. Receive your copy as a thank you for your partnership this month.

“It is not possible to tell the joy TBN UK has brought into my life, found quite by accident but of course nothing important in life’s journey is accidental but in the great plan laid out for us.”

– Susan, TBN UK viewer