Praying with your spouse this Valentine’s day

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Praying about our relationships is great. As many people in couples or marriages celebrate Valentine’s Day at this time, we thought we could share a prayer that is suitable for husbands and wives to pray through together, whether or not you take part in the commercial celebration. For those who are dating, this prayer can also inspire prayers for the future or prayers into our friendships with other believers. God loves it when those who are married pray as a couple. This prayer focuses on thanking God for our marriage, staying committed to our vows, cultivating intimacy and encouraging the relationship to prosper. 

Thank you, Jesus, for our marriage. Love is a gift from heaven, that can bring joy to our lives and those around us. Thank you, God, for the connection we have and for bringing us together. Thank you for being with us on our relationship journey so far.  

Help us, Lord, to honour one another and be steadfast in committing to our marriage vows. Bring us closer to one another, and to You God, by guiding us to forgive fast and say sorry quickly, when we make mistakes. Help us to be merciful towards each other. Let us listen more, argue less and be willing to share more effectively. Build a hedge of protection around our marriage and set us free from sin, from unhelpful habits, and keep us from temptation.    

Let us not lose sight of our purpose and the reasons why we fell in love with each other in the first place. Equip us, Lord, to build up our spouse, never to tear them down, or belittle their ideas. May we cherish one another and be encouragers within our marriage. Allow our trust in one another to become stronger, and our respect for one another to grow. Help us to show our love the best way we can, by getting to know what makes our partner smile and laugh. As we dig down deeper into God’s love, help us to acknowledge one another as children of God, precious and purchased at a great price on the cross.

For everything that we need, we pray for divine provision. Thank you, Jesus, for the home we have, the food and clothes we have, and our friends who support us. We pray for success in work and ministry, so we may prosper and be a blessing to others. May our marriage become like a peaceful place, a safe haven and somewhere we can come and rest. Let Your love bind us together in harmony, bringing glory to Your name.

All this we ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Photo by Samuel Rodriguez on Unsplash


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