Praying for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution


While over 18 million have already had a COVID-19 vaccine, millions are still waiting for their doses. As distribution has been continuing, we felt it would be a good time to pray for all involved in this huge operation, to keep going and to stay safe. We can lift up the scientists who are continually researching and fighting against the virus, governments making decisions and key workers responsible for the distribution. We can pray for supply to meet demand and, also, for us to be at the forefront of helping other nations in the world to access the vaccines too.

Pray with us

Heavenly Father, we bring before you the continuation of the COVID–19 vaccination rollout. Your Word says: Surely, He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. (Psalm 91: 3)  

We thank You Lord God, that you have made a way through this terrible pandemic. Vaccines have been approved by the strictest safety standards by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in this country. Thank You that this global pandemic will come to an end as more vaccines are approved and distributed.  

Be with all the scientists who are working day and night to fight new strains of COVID-19. Let there be breakthrough after breakthrough each day. Allow the government and those in authority over this situation to make the right decisions about those who should be prioritised for their injections. We pray for the key workers and medical staff who are involved in vaccinating people. May they be strengthened and filled with hope at this time. May those who are managing the distribution have wisdom and guidance every step of the way.  

Lord, we ask You to provide plenty of supplies and equipment for all the approved vaccines, let there be enough finances from governments for the entire rollout. Enable countries that are inoculating people successfully to help other nations and also to be generous to countries that are struggling.  

Let the most vulnerable and elderly not miss out on their opportunity for their jabs. Help people to stay safe, be wise and follow the correct advice to prevent the virus spreading. May Your perfect love, that casts out all fear, fill us all.  

In Jesus’ holy, mighty and powerful name,  


Photo by CDC on Unsplash


Joy JonesJoy Jones

Joy Jones