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What a start to the year! We’ve all had our fair share of uncertainty with our third national lockdown but there’s also been so much to be thankful for, and to learn from during the pandemic. That’s why it’s been so incredible to be working on our new series of specials: God in the midst. We’ve been gathering speakers, charities and worship bands from around the UK to give you the encouragement and tools needed to make the most of this time…  

Our first episode focused on hope – much needed! There was fantastic worship with Hackney Church, interviews with Tom Jackson from Love Thy Neighbour and Sam Mooney from Soul Foundation, as well as prayer and messages from Rev Valerie Elyott and Rev Yemi Adedeji. Let’s take a look at some of the great reminders our guests gave us in episode one:  

God is our refuge and strength  

Reverend Valerie Elyott gave us a fantastic message on God as our strength, reflecting on Psalm 46:1, ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’ She reminded us that before the pandemic, during the pandemic, and long after the pandemic, God has been and will remain a safe space for us. For many people, juggling the effects of COVID-19 has only been an added pressure on their existing struggles. As Valerie put it: “It doesn’t mean people’s personal problems and personal issues went away as well. Situations that were there long before the pandemic are still there for many people…”  

However, this idea of looking back at what God has previously done in our lives can really strengthen our faith. Whether we are looking at our own lives, or the account of God’s faithfulness in the Bible, we can find encouragement. Valerie reminded us that God is a comfort, but not a comfort-zone: life may look different to how we wish, and we may find ourselves in unwanted circumstances – but God specialises in keeping and strengthening people in their challenges! We have so much evidence of His character and His ability to be a refuge for us as individuals.  

“Sometimes it might be difficult to think of God as a place… but He is also the place in which we abide,” Valerie explains. She emphasises the need to abide, and keep abiding, in Him even if we feel like we’ve drifted further away from God. She looked at John 15: 9, which says, ‘As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.’  

God is above it all  

Rev Yemi Adedeji prayed for those who are struggling with energy levels and perseverance amidst the pandemic. He reminded us of the overwhelming power and authority of Jesus over anything we face in this world. He also quoted Philippians 2:10, ‘that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.’  

Lifting our eyes upwards, his message was a great reminder that God is above it all; above our finances, our relationships and COVID-19 – whenever we feel helpless, we can still run to God, communicate with Him and make an impact.

“One of the first ways to help is to pray. Nothing can be compared to the power of praying…[it] soaks the community in the grace and the might of God,” explained Yemi.  He went on to encourage us that speaking to people (from a distance) can make a huge difference in their lives. This is part of our ministry! Many people are lonely and are having less conversations. Having a friendly smile, wave, or comment from you could lift someone’s day. Rev Yemi Adedeji added: “and that might be the only word that can inspire them to go back home and think within themselves that God is indeed working for them and God is with them. “  

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