Join Jubilee+ and their guests as we unpack practical and spiritual support in the midst of the cost of living crisis. 

Over the past year, the cost of living has continued to increase. How is this affecting our communities? How can we tackle this issue together? 

We’ve partnered with Jubilee+ to open up this important conversation for those who are passionate about social justice. Natalie Williams, CEO of the charity, hosts this timely series, inviting experienced and insightful guests to share on the topic of generosity, community, division and more. As someone who grew up in relative poverty and has worked at the charity since its conception, Natalie brings a whole heap of wisdom to the programme as well as welcoming experienced guests to share their insights.  

Each episode will be dedicated to a strengthening of the Church to connect with and serve those around us. Guests will be highlighting powerful Bible moments that inspire our hearts to serve those in financial hardship and those who are hungry or in need. The team also set out to answer the difficult questions: How can we, and should we help those who are making bad decisions financially? How we can plan in the short and long-term to provide consistent and reliable support for our communities?  

Let’s inspire and equip ourselves to share the love of Jesus and take action for our communities in the midst of financial hardship.  

Jubilee+ is a Christian charity that helps Christians and churches across the UK to change the lives of those in poverty in their communities.

Tune in on Thursday 9th March at 9:30pm, repeats Friday at 8:30am and Saturday at 7:30pm.
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Taylor Bentliff

Taylor works within our brand team at TBN UK, looking after the majority of our editorial copy and wording across online, print, and production platforms. Taylor has spent 10 years working in Christian media and loves to bring words together to share God's truth.

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