Behind the scenes at TBN Presents: Jonathan and Abbiih Oloyede

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We caught up with Jonathan and Abbiih Oloyede, pastors of City Chapel in East London, to hear more about their exciting new messages and their filming for TBN Presents.

Tell us a little about you both!
We are Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede, Pastors at City Chapel London, an independent church mission based in East London. It is a family church with a Christ-centred message. Its ethos is uniting people from all races and spheres into the Great Commission for personal and social transformation. The Church established the Newham Foodbank which has mushroomed into seven centres across the region due to the grass-root needs in the community.

That’s great! And why did you chosen to bring two great sets of messages to TBN UK?
As a couple, we complement each other extremely well and that shows also in the ministry focus and themes in our sermons, messages and ministry. Abbiih is passionate about women, business and prophetic prayer whilst I am big on mission, revival and teaching. We’ve come to film our own TBN Presents series – Abbiih will be preaching on ‘The Balanced Woman’ and I will teach on ‘You Are Spirit’ which is all about salvation in Christ.

Abbiih, tell us about your sessions…
The Balanced Woman series will empower women (and men!) from the various spheres of society to pursue their dreams, despite juggling different responsibilities. Every woman needs to be pragmatic, prophetic, practical and prayerful! I urge women to connect with others and ensure they have a mentor. My conversion story is very powerful and will help people know about the saving Grace of God.

Jonathan, what about yours?
‘You Are Spirit’ will unpack the tremendous realities of our salvation in Christ. You will come away knowing that you are Spirit, with a soul and living in a body. I want Christians everywhere to become effective disciples who are making disciples. The vision is to raise a million Christ like believers globally who are expanding the Kingdom of God.

How did you feel about filming while keeping to distancing rules?
We have enjoyed our recording experience at TBN UK despite the Covid-19 social distancing challenges. We were not sure what to expect but the staff and crew made us feel very welcome and settled any nerves! The first film shoots were a bit touch and go before we got into a rhythm and flow. It was plain sailing from then on.

Jonathan, how did you prepare?
Abbiih was fussing over which colours to wear and I wisely steered clear of getting drawn in! Experience has taught me well! We tend to bounce ideas off each other and share our thoughts and creative thinking. We did a lot of this for these recordings.

Abbiih, how did you choose the topics?
In the end we both settled into our core messages and areas of prime passion. We both feel this is the beginning of a great relationship with TBN UK and would like to thank all TBN UK Partners for the fantastic opportunity and tremendous platform to share our hearts with multitudes across the nations. May the Lord grant TBN UK more grace and raise increased support for this strategic ministry.

You can now find both Jonathan and Abbiih’s TBN Presents episodes On Demand!