Behind the scenes at the gospel music Easter Worship Special

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We loved having Pastor Michael White and Tab Worship in the studio for our Easter Worship Special. Our hardworking lighting, audio, and camera teams brought together an amazing set to provide you with this energetic, uplifting and encouraging show of gospel music and prayer! Celebrate Easter Sunday by catching up here.

Tab worship definitely showed us what it looks like to make a joyful noise – they had so much energy and kept dancing throughout the day! You can expect a great set-list from the choir, full of songs that praise God for all He has done. Soloist, Bianca White, lead a range of popular tracks including Spirit Break Out and God Reigns, which includes the lyrics: ‘Our God is glorious, He reigns victorious, He’s high and lifted up, there’s no one like our God’. What better response is there to Jesus’ resurrection!?

James Thompson was one of many great soloists, and sang a beautiful rendition of the incredibly popular and recently viral song by Elevation Worship: The Blessing. Volney Morgan was another fantastic vocalist, singing You Are Jehovah alongside the choir.

Noel Robinson was also back, with his guitar, ready to worship God with Tab Worship, singing ‘The Cross’.  Plus, Pastor Michael White put on his hosting shoes and prayed for the celebration, reflecting on the year we’ve had and looking ahead to the future. He’ll be leading us through the celebration on Easter Sunday – and we’d love for you to join us after your six-person Covid-safe garden gatherings!

Catch up online and find many more shows and music to lift your spirits this spring.