Andy Flute: Jesus In My Corner

TBN UK welcomed Andrew Flute to the studios for an interview on TBN Meets to talk about how Jesus has turned his life around from one of alcohol and drug abuse. Andy is reaching many people through his testimony of how he came from fighting in the boxing ring, to now fighting the good fight for his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Read on to find out more about his ministry and book, Jesus In My Corner.

Tell us about who you are & your ministry.
My name is Andy Flute. I am a former boxer who was captain of the England boxing team. I also was a world rated professional boxer having shared a ring with many world champions like Joe Calzaghe, Chris Eubanks and Nigel Benn, to name just a few. My ministry is about reaching people who are very far away from Christianity and live a different path in life to most, but I can reach them when they hear my testimony. No matter what you are or where you come from, Jesus loves everyone. I am reaching many in prisons and people who would never go to church or Christianity.

Tell us about your book in 3 sentences.  
My book, Jesus in My Corner, is a hard-hitting autobiography which pulls no punches – it tells a real story of a boxer’s journey from a living Hell to Christianity. It’s very interesting, inspirational and shows no matter what background anyone is from, we can all change through the love of Jesus, if we are willing to invite him into our lives.

What inspired you to write your book & why?
I was inspired to write this book when trying to help myself and others. I never knew if I would ever finish this book as I had so many near death experiences, but Jesus kept me here for the purpose of this book and what it is achieving.

Where is your favourite place to write & why?  
My favourite place to write was in bedroom, looking out the window on a nice sunny day as I could collect my thoughts. I had to be totally alone. I wrote this book with a pen & paper in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction with help from nobody else, only Jesus.

Tell is about the genre of the book?
The book is real life told as it was. It’s also passionate, honest and inspirational.

Who is the book for?
This is a book for everyone no matter what background you come from, as it lets people know that Jesus is only a prayer away from them.

What is your favourite part of the book?
I have a few chapters; sparring with Chris Eubanks is one, because it takes me back to how hard world championship boxing is. The other part is about my baptism and how it changed my life. Getting Baptised was the best thing I ever did by far.

What surprised you when you wrote the book?
I was so surprised at the new creation I had become. As Jesus was changing me, all the fear and anxieties and desire to drink had gone. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17-18 that all the old life has passed away and we are a new creation. I was so overwhelmed, I had to get big tattoo coverings for my forearm with a picture of Jesus on a cross with the words written underneath it.

What did God teach you on this journey?  
God taught me to be humble and honest and compassionate. I never was anything like that before in my old life. God also taught me that anything is possible with Him.

How do you hope this book will help people?
This book is helping many people already and it’s not been out long. I pray it will continue to bring hope and I hope it reaches so many more people and also encourages people to come to Jesus in any situation in life, as Jesus is the answer to everything.

What’s next? Any other books are you writing?
I’m fighting for Jesus now. I’m more passionate about Jesus than anything else in my life, even boxing. I hope my ministry will go from strength to strength and takes me to where Jesus leads me to go. I want to go where it’s needed and help bring people to Jesus. I think I can write a better book in the future, and if it’s God’s will, I will, but I’m confident that there will be a follow up.

How can people get in touch & buy the book?
My book is available on Amazon, Waterstones and all good book shops & from Austin Mcauley publishers and I can be contacted on my Facebook page.

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