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Just moments before Jesus drew his final breath, he uttered the profound words, “Tetelestai” – “It is finished.” But what exactly had Jesus finished? And why does this simple phrase hold the power to alter the course of human destiny? These questions lie at the heart of the Tetelestai series, a captivating exploration of the Story of the Bible unfolding from its very beginning.

Crafted under the direction of Arlen Isaak and Cynthia Isaak, the Tetelestai series embarks on a journey that spans from the idyllic Garden of Eden to the climactic Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through meticulous storytelling and powerful performances, this remarkable series unveils God’s Divine Plan with a depth and clarity that captivates the soul.

Led by a talented cast including Jéssica Muniz, Stephen Richard Armour, Inael Damasceno, Vânia Fortes, and Djalson Bezerra de Melo, the Tetelestai series brings to life the characters and events that have shaped the fabric of human history.

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