Revival Ready set

Revival Ready

Steve and Esther Upall take us through a journey of rethinking the Kingdom. This series explores discipleship, what it means to follow Christ, and how to plant missional communities where you are.

Steve and his guests help us to explore what revival really is, where the word came from, and how we have evolved to be where we are today as believers.

The show is full of wisdom and creativity, and programmes will include thought-provoking spoken word performances, powerful testimonies, group discussions and inspiring teaching on the topics of heaven, reformation, community, prayer, the supernatural and more! Each discussion, performance, and preach has been included with a hope to awaken a thirst for God — to create a hunger for genuine transforming revival.  
If you already have a heart for revival, this show aims to fan into flame our boldness and willingness to see the world changed. This series is designed to refocus your mind and work on the Great Commission, in order to impact the people around us.  

Revival Ready with Steve and Esther Uppal

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Revival Ready on TBN UK
Revival Ready on TBN UK
Revival Ready on TBN UK
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panel speaking on Revival Ready