Big Church Festival 2024

Enjoy the best moments from Big Church Festival 2024, as the TBN UK team bring the Main Stage to your home, including exclusive interviews from the artists and acoustic music performances.

This year’s festival is packed with incredible performances and memorable highlights, hear exclusive interviews from your favourite artists. Hear their stories, inspirations, and the heart behind their music in these special behind-the-scenes conversations. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just discovering new artists, these interviews add a personal touch to your festival experience.

You’ll also love the acoustic music performances, offering a different vibe from the main stage. These stripped-down sets show off the artists’ raw talent and give you a top front-row feel.

Big Church Festival is all about uplifting worship, and bringing people together. With TBN UK’s coverage, you’ll get to enjoy a mix of contemporary Christian hits, soulful worship sessions, and powerful performances that will lift your spirits and bring joy to your day.

So, kick back, relax, and let TBN UK bring the best of Big Church Festival 2024 to you.

Big Church Festival 2024 - the hosts on the sofa
Big Church Festival - CalledOut Music