TBN UK Highlights – Oct 2021

TV Highlights

Got Questions!?

Join Alpha youth to discuss important topics for Generation Z!

We are so excited for the launch of youth-inspired Got Questions!? created by The Alpha Course and their Youth Alpha team. Hosted by Dan Blythe, global Alpha Youth director, and Azande Mbhele,

Alpha Youth UK director, each episode creates space to discuss the questions that young people are actually asking. Dan Blythe explains: “We love this generation so it’s time we start listening to them. The aim of this show is not to have all the answers, but hopefully to journey together in discovery.”

On that journey, our hosts and a whole heap of fab guests discuss incredibly important topics including: the environment, racism, activism, mental health, spirituality, politics, equality, and ‘the snowflake generation’.

The show commits to hearing the voices of children and young adults in the UK and understanding their points of view. “For many years young people were seen and not heard, but for Gen Z the mute button has been turned off and finally young people have a voice and all around the globe they are using it to make the world a better place,” Dan continued.

Azande describes The Alpha Course as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, faith and purpose in a safe space where no question is off the table.” She explains the key culture of ‘Alpha’ and the show as valuing the thoughts of others, disagreeing respectfully. and lovingly listening. We love this commitment to open conversations and can’t wait for the show to start. Join us!

Tune in to Got Questions!? on Wed 13th Oct at 7:30pm, repeats Mon 10am and Tue 10pm.

What’s new on TBN UK

TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji

Thu at 7:30pm, repeats Sun at 1pm and Wed at 11:30am.

Join Pastor Yemi of Jesus House in London as he shows you how to navigate both the good and difficult times in life. Scripture tells us that to everything there is a season, and through this engaging programme you’ll learn to recognise when a season is beginning and ending, and see God at work.

The Sound of Equippers

Sundays at 2pm

Pastors Mark and Monica Collard bring you the best of Equippers Church UK, a community dedicated to making disciples and transforming nations. Join them for inspirational and encouraging messages, impactful worship, and testimonies of God at work in this new TBN UK sermon series.

TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

Wed 13th Oct at 7pm, repeats Thu 9am, Fri 3:05pm, and Sun at 2pm.

Pastor Yinka Oyekan of The Gate in Reading brings a powerful message about the ‘Anointing’ – what it is and does, how it is activated, how it impacts your life, and the difference it can make when you release what God has placed upon your life.

Mercy Ships

Thu 28th Oct at 8pm, repeats Mon 6:30pm and Tue 11:30am.

Join Darren Richards and Ropa Rusere of Mercy Ships as they take you on a fascinating journey of hope, sharing the stories of patients whose lives have been powerfully transformed through the many volunteers serving on the charity’s impressive ‘floating hospitals’.

Behind the scenes

Noel Robinson is back for a new series of Vox Collective, after an incredible response to last year’s series! He welcomes fantastic worship leaders and musicians from around the UK to share their gift and stories with us.

Tune in to Vox Collective on Mon 18th Oct at 9:30pm, repeats Fri 6pm.

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Dear TBN UK Prayer Team, thank you so much for praying for me recently. The Lord has answered the prayers that I sent in to you. The Lord has been helping me with my depressive thoughts and encouraged me to change my negative thoughts to positive. – Tina, TBN UK viewer