TBN UK Highlights – Nov 2021

TV Highlights

Mercy Ships

We are excited for Mercy Ships to be back in the TBN UK studio for season 3,
sharing incredible stories from their medical missionary outreach.

Darren and Ropa on Mercy Ships set

Mercy Ships is an international Christian charity that brings healthcare to the world’s poorest nations on their floating hospital ships. They have been helping the blind to see and the lame to walk for over 40 years, so it’s a privilege to invite hosts Darren Richards and Ropa Rusere back to the studio to share their continued work. These inspiring programmes focus on the incredible stories of the crew and patients, exploring life on the ships and life after surgery.

Ropa, Mercy Ships UK’s recruitment
manager, explains: “Two out of three
people in the world do not have access to
safe, affordable or timely surgery.”
Darren, head of engagement, continues:
“This means that 17 million people die
every year, needlessly – simply because
they can’t get the help they need.”

There are so many patient stories to be inspired by, plus there are in-studio interviews with Mercy Ships staff and volunteers, including Val Clarke, a volunteer teacher; Sarah Kwok, a consultant anaesthetist; and François Tonamou, a facial and dental surgeon who trained with Mercy Ships. 
Join the journey, as Mercy Ships commits to ‘bringing hope and healing to the world’s poor’.

Tune in on Thu at 8:30pm, repeats Mon at 6:30pm and Tue 11:30am.

What’s New? 

Mon at 7:30pm, repeats Tue at 9am and
Fri at 11pm.

Join Kika Ashanike, gifted speaker and
founder of Pure Hearts Foundation, as
she explores topics such as intimacy with
God and overcoming disappointments,
challenging the very core of our faith walk. Watch on TBN UK or On Demand. 

Thu 11th Nov at 9:30pm, repeats Wed 17th
at 10am.

Trinity Broadcasting Network is the world’s
largest Christian television network and most-watched faith-and-family channel. Pastor D
Robinson hosts this encouraging programme
looking at how TBN is impacting individuals
and families with the message of Jesus. 


Mon 22nd Nov at 8pm, repeats Fri 26th
Nov at 7pm and Sun 28th Nov at 8pm. 

Another exciting Praise special, filmed at
Central Church in Edinburgh as we celebrate
God’s power with talented worship
musicians from around Scotland, including
Steph Macleod and Celtic Worship. 

Mon 29th Nov at 8pm, repeats Fri 3rd Dec
at 7pm and Sun 5th Dec at 8pm.

Join award-winning TV & radio presenter
Afua Adom as she follows the move of God
in the heart of Scotland. Encourage your faith
through personal testimonies and hear from
life-changing ministries that are impacting
hearts and homes across Scotland.

Behind the scenes at TBN UK 

TBN UK is committed to reaching
viewers with the best content. So what
better way to find out what people
need, than to speak to them? Some of our team took to the streets to ask
members of the public about belief in
God, faith, and the Bible. Stay tuned to find out how people
responded – in our video coming soon!

This month’s partnership gift

Discover the joyful prophecies that changed the world!

In Seven Words of Christmas, pastor and author Robert Morris highlights seven powerful words God declared to seven distinct individuals to herald the miraculous arrival of His Son, Jesus. With each of these prophetic words — salvation, favour, blessing, guidance, joy, redemption, peace — Pastor Robert weaves the wondrous narrative of the Saviour’s birth, unfolds that word’s significance to the redemption story, and connects its power and purpose to our personal lives.

Thank you for all the support you have given
me so many times during this difficult time. Your
programmes gave me encouragement, peace
and strength to stay in the Lord. God is with
you. Thank you once again and may God
bless you all at TBN UK. –
Elizabeth, TBN UK viewer

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