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New in: Sisterhood YouTube and Podcast Video Series!


Get ready for unfiltered and honest conversations from millennial women, for millennial women. Every week a new episode will drop! There’ll be discussions on relationship topics like fertility, dating, and sex before marriage. There’ll be episodes dedicated to career topics such as professional labels, juggling home and work responsibilities, and the soft life. Plus our hosts chat about healthy living and good mental health…

The Sisterhood is there for you, wherever you are.

We’re launching weekly episodes of Sisterhood on YouTube – settle in and get to know the girls on the coach – and on the podcast, for when you’re busy and on-the-go.

Ready for some hilarious stories? Here’s the first episode, ‘Dating A Bad Boy’, on YouTube:

You can also tune in wherever you listen to podcasts, including on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Music/Audible, and iHeartRadio:

About the hosts

Lauren Windle


Meet Lauren, our open and honest author, speaker, and presenter. With a career in journalism, Lauren has a great awareness of what the world is saying! She’ll be balancing out hard-hitting topics with hilarious anecdotes – plus sharing her own experiences of dating and balancing work and life.

Cassandra Maria


As a comedian and presenter, Cassandra will be sure to have you giggling at life’s twists and turns. She hosts discussions on friendship and social media, and shares real (and sometimes ridiculous) stories from her own life.

Tola-Doll Fisher


As an editor and columnist you can expect honest opinions from Tola Doll Fisher. She shares on the real highs and lows of life, unafraid to challenge society’s expectations. Join her on the set of Sisterhood as she hosts discussions on mental health and faith.

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