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God laughs at His enemies – Psalm 2

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A reflection from Elizabeth Ukiomogbe, our partner communications representative. 

I would not want to be on the bad side of God. 

As much as He is love, He is also justice. And He takes His children very seriously. He is relentless and ferocious about defending His own.

In the Bible, God is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and A Man of War — for very good reasons. Lions are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators. Lions are fierce at protecting their pride. They patrol, mark, and guard the pride’s territory. As soon as the lion realises his pride might be in danger, he leaves the pride behind and charges at the intruder, attacking him in order to keep him away from the pride. Their protective instinct is very strong. 

Also, lionesses fight tooth and claw to defend their cubs. All mothers are protective of their children but no mother is more protective of their child than the lioness. As we look at the behaviour of lions, we begin to understand how the Almighty God, who created the lion species, feels about anyone or anything that comes against His children. 

That is why Psalm 2 teaches us: God laughs at His enemies.

He knows that they are no match for Him. Therefore, they are wisely advised to be afraid, tremble and submit to Him in reverence. 

We see this played out in Acts chapter 4 when Peter and John were threatened by the religious authorities not to speak or teach anymore in the Name of Jesus. When the disciples gathered to bring the matter to God and pray this prayer, there was a shaking in the heavens, the Holy Spirit was poured out, and they spoke with even greater boldness. Resulting in the protection and preservation of the young Church, and the propagation and proliferation of the Gospel. 

So, be confident that whatever battle you face, God is fighting to defend you and to ensure you accomplish His purpose for your life. Run to Him for refuge. 

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Elizabeth Ukiomogbe

Elizabeth is the partner communications representative for TBN UK, and the founding director of Workers Aflame.