Will van der Hart on stage

Will Van Der Hart

Director and Founder of the Mind & Soul Foundation

Rev Will Van Der Hart is an author, an ordained Anglican Priest, an executive coach, and the founding director of the Mind & Soul Foundation. He has hosted episodes of “Praise from London” and “TBN Selects”, is a co-host on “Forward Thinking”, and has been a guest on “Soul Tears” and “When Faith Gets Shaken.”

Since 2004, Will has been dedicated to his role as an Anglican Priest in London. His passion for emotional health and well-being extends across diverse settings, embracing both secular business and church environments. With a wide-ranging interest in emotional health, his expertise is rooted in his extensive experience in various pastoral contexts.

Will is an accomplished author and an integrative Bible teacher. His influence transcends local boundaries, as he frequently speaks at national forums, sharing his insights and wisdom. His commitment to mental health and well-being is evident in his role as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA).

One of Will’s primary passions lies in equipping church leaders with the tools to manage their own emotional health effectively. He believes in empowering these leaders to, in turn, provide support and guidance for the emotional needs of those under their care. Through his roles and endeavours, Will seeks to create a more emotionally healthy and resilient community, fostering well-being within both spiritual and secular spheres.