Celtic Worship - lady with a guitar

Celtic Worship

Celtic Worship represents a genuine cultural manifestation of sung worship in contemporary Scotland, following a tradition that spans centuries. Comprising some of the most captivating and inventive musicians in Scotland’s thriving contemporary music scene. The members of Celtic Worship include Naomi Stirrat, David Hogg, Mhairi Marwick, Scott Wood, Chris Amer, Gus Stirrat, and Ifedade Thomas.

The band is motivated by a sincere desire to utilize their skills, talents, and diverse abilities to honour and proclaim Jesus Christ. Together, they delve into the timeless beauty of psalms and classic hymns, contributing original compositions to the Christian music repertoire—all while incorporating the instrumentation and musical language native to Scotland, including the impactful sounds of bagpipes, whistles, and fiddle.

The group was initially formed in late 2016 for a live worship event during Glasgow’s renowned Celtic Connections festival. Since then, Celtic Worship has performed across the UK and Europe, released two studio albums, and garnered millions of views for their online videos. Currently gearing up for the release of their 2022 Christmas album, “Come Behold: Christmas Collaborations,” the band features guest artists such as Ron Block, Norrie MacIver, Unoma Okudo, and Blue Rose Code.

Looking forward, the band remains dedicated to writing, performing, and, above all, offering praise to the One deserving of all honour and acclaim.