The Black History Project featuring The Spirituals

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It’s really exciting to be bringing a show full of glorious melodies and powerful messages to TBN UK this October, as part of Black History Month. The Black History Project will bring you songs like you’ve never heard them before and insightful interviews as Junior Garr and his guests take to the stage. Let’s see what to expect, and why the show is so important…  

What are ‘spirituals’? 

Spirituals are a group of songs, also referred to as Negro spirituals, or African-American spirituals. This is because they originated among enslaved Africans in the United States. The songs encompassed the hardships, hope and faith that each played as an integral part in communities of slaves. Enslaved people were usually forced to speak English and to abandon their native tongues and culture. This influenced them to collate the information and vocabulary they had from life, and from commonly converting to Christianity, into song form. These snapshots of history have developed over time to showcase beautiful harmonies and group arrangements, while keeping the emotion and weight of the melodies and lyrics.  

What’s on the show? 

Plenty of amazing musical worship of course! Junior Garr and his talented guests present a song collection of old and negro spirituals, including the well-known, ‘Wade in the water’, like you’ve never heard before – incorporating a fusion of afrobeats and gospel sounds to reimagine the original anthem. The songs chosen have inspired and championed the experience of black people over the years, and will make a powerful performance, airing on Wed 21st Oct at 7:30pm – don’t miss it.  

Why now?  

October is Black History Month, and after a year of acknowledging the racial inequality seen in our nation, and around the world, this programme is a way to express and focus on the black experience and story. Junior, commenting on this project, said: “With all that is happening in the world today, there has never been a better time for the power of music to bring us together. This is a commemoration of not only our breakthrough and achievements but also an acknowledgement of the continuous pain and sorrow experienced by Black people today”. The show’s music and focus remind us that we must find a way to foster and fight for the justice and equality of black individuals everywhere. He continued: “This is something we can connect with our call as believers of the Gospel which is the good news. Justice and the good news go hand in hand.”  

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