Triumph Guobadia on Love Always talking about marriage

Triumph Guobadia

Pastor, Speaker, Leader

Triumph Guobadia, affectionately referred to as PTG, embodies multiple roles with grace and dedication. As a devout Pastor and accomplished Pharmacist, she intertwines her professional expertise with her spiritual calling. Alongside her husband, Dr. Oscar Guobadia, she co-founded The Brook Place, a dynamic charismatic church with branches spanning across London and America.

Throughout her journey, PTG has been a beacon of wisdom and support, extending her guidance to countless individuals navigating life’s challenges, marriage dynamics, and spiritual growth.

Her unwavering commitment lies in nurturing the Body of Christ, particularly in empowering women to embrace their divine purpose. Triumph fervently advocates for women’s empowerment, equipping them to lead successful lives and fostering fulfilling kingdom marriages. Through her ministry, PTG leaves an indelible mark, inspiring others to embrace their faith and live out their God-given potential.

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