Tommy Lilja on TBN Meets set

Tommy Lilja

Evangelist and Founder of Tommy Lilja Ministries

Pastor Tommy Lilja is founder of Tommy Lilja Ministries, a world-wide non-profit organisation which has helped millions since it started in 1996.

Tommy and Karen Lilja’s journeys began in working-class, secularized families. Karen discovered her faith as a teenager while watching the Jesus Movie on Easter. In contrast, Tommy had a profound encounter with Jesus at home at the age of 28. A year later, he stepped into a church for the first time, and within three years, he was appointed as the senior pastor of that very church.

Residing in the picturesque coastal region of southern Sweden, the couple, who both faced the loss of their spouses, now have four children together. Their books candidly share their experiences dealing with trauma and offer insights on living a faithful life regardless of life’s challenges.

Tommy and Karen share a deep love for others and are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God. Tommy’s unique journey, devoid of traditional ministry experience, led him to rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, embracing a path he might not have chosen had he followed a more conventional route. Their strength lies in their unwavering commitment to following Jesus, disregarding worldly circumstances and opinions.

In 1996, Tommy founded the TLM ministry in Israel, driven by a vision to bring the Jewish people back to their homeland. This vision birthed a worldwide ministry that has touched the lives of millions over the years.