Tanya Chand on TBN Meets set

Tanya Chand

Tanya Chand has been a familiar face on TBN UK for a number of years, co-hosting Walking Like Jesus with her husband Daniel Chand and she has shared messages on Start Your Day with TBN UK.

At the age of thirteen, Tanya faced a critical moment when she attempted to end her own life due to a tumultuous family background. With her father absent since birth and her mother struggling with depression, Tanya felt unloved and devoid of purpose.

Her desperate act led to a life-threatening overdose, resulting in a coma for three days. Just before the doctors were set to turn off life support, Tanya miraculously responded, surviving the ordeal. Subsequently, she entered the care system and found solace with Christian Foster Parents.

During her time in foster care, Tanya embraced Christianity, and at 21, she graduated from an Assemblies of God Bible School in London. Shortly thereafter, she met her husband, Daniel, and joined him in full-time ministry.

Tanya’s compelling life story is chronicled in her book ‘Brave,’ reflecting the transformative journey from despair to faith.