Sophia Barrett on Staying Power set

Sophia Barrett

Pastor of !Audacious Church

Sophia is the host of Staying Power on TBN UK. Sophia is a perceptive and unconventional speaker, always imparting wisdom with a desire to inspire people to lead extraordinary lives. With her unique style, she addresses audiences worldwide at various conferences and events, delivering messages rooted in powerful truths from the word of God that are sure to evoke laughter.

Born in Sydney to Chilean parents, Sophia holds a degree from the University of New England, Australia, and graduated from Alpha Crucis in Sydney, where she met her husband, Glyn. In 1996, they moved to England to establish a youth and young adults ministry in Sheffield.

In 2016, Sophia authored her first book, STAY, chronicling her journey through chronic sleeplessness and the transformative power of being mindful of God’s presence. Concurrently, she launched her first television show, Staying Power, on TBN UK, and released two meditation albums, STAY and REMAIN.

Sophia cherishes connections with people, values time with family and friends, and enjoys sharing stories and wisdom. Her love for travel and exploration, coupled with a passion for continuous learning, reflects in her avid reading habits. Sophia and Glyn are proud parents to two children, Georgia and Jaedon.

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