Filmmaker and director Richard Ramsey

Richard Ramsey

Film Director

With a BA in Theatre from the University of Houston, Richard made his mark on the independent film scene in Texas during the early stages of his career. His directorial debut, The Song, hit theatres nationwide in 2014. Co-writing and co-directing the feature film, Unsung Hero, he continues to shape cinematic narratives. Collaborating with his brother, John, Richard has crafted comedic short films that garnered attention at various film festivals and online platforms including NYT, HuffPo, LA Times, CBS News, The Atlantic, and IFC.

Following a successful six-year tenure as Artistic Director at the acclaimed City on a Hill Studio, Richard ventured to Nashville. There, he spent three years on the creative team at Kingdom Story Company. Despite the change in location, he and his wife chose to settle in Nashville, where they raise their five children, all named after beloved Beatles songs.

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