Philippa Hanna at Big Church Festival playing the guitar

Philippa Hanna

Singer-Songwriter and Worship Leader

Philippa has been a long time friend of TBN UK, often leading worship on “Praise UK” programmes, “Big Church Festival” and appearing as a guest on Cynthia Garrett’s “The Sessions.”

Philippa’s family background is steeped in music, with her brother Stuart Zender as a founding member of the popular band Jamiroquai, and her cousins Danny and Richard Macnamara finding success with Embrace. Her father, Pat Hanna, and cousin Sandy Kelly, known for recording with Johnny Cash, introduced her to country music.

Philippa openly discusses her personal battle with anxiety and depression during her concerts. Her life took a positive turn after a spiritual experience at a Godfrey Birtill concert in 2004, leading her to a transformative faith. She’s now a well-published author and released two books. She has performed over 1500 live shows and recorded five studio albums.

Philippa’s live concerts with husband Joel are a blend of authentic storytelling and catchy songs. She has toured with renowned artists like Lionel Richie, Leona Lewis, and Little Mix, in addition to her established presence in Christian music. Her songs, such as Raggedy Doll, The Daffodil Song, Arrow, and Off The Wagon, enjoy regular airplay on Christian radio. Philippa’s country influences have also earned her spots on BBC Radio 2’s Country show and Good Morning Sunday.