The Chosen UK Premiere
Paras Patel - Matthew from The Chosen: UK Premiere

Paras Patel


Paras Patel has made a notable mark in the entertainment industry, showcasing his talent across various projects. His impressive repertoire includes standout performances in “The Chosen” (2017), where he captivated audiences with his on-screen presence as Jesus’ disciple, Matthew.

Furthermore, his journey in the realm of entertainment extends back to “Teen Angels Sings” (2011), and “The Duff” (2015) demonstrating his versatility and commitment to his craft from the early stages of his career. With each project, Paras Patel continues to solidify his position as a dynamic and accomplished actor in the world of film and television. His ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles has undoubtedly contributed to his well-deserved recognition and success in the industry.

We hear from Paras about portraying the incredible role of playing one of Jesus’ closest followers, while at The Chosen: UK Premiere, showcasing season 4.