Oscar Guobadias on the Love Always Set

Oscar Guobadia

Pastor, Theologian, Mentor

Dr. Oscar Guobadia, appears on Love Always on TBN UK alongside his wife Triumph Guobadia. He is a theologian and the Senior Pastor of The Brook Place in London, leading a church committed to three core mandates: Educate the Church, Empower the Chosen, and Equip the Called. Through these mandates, The Brook Place has made a significant impact, reaching thousands locally and globally through weekly social media streaming platforms.

Driven by his passion for theological scholarship, Dr. Guobadia’s mission focuses on educating church leaders and making theology accessible to lay people. His books and active participation in various local and international forums and events contribute to this goal.

As a prominent global prophet, Dr. Oscar Guobadia pioneers and hosts The Brook School of Prophets and serves as the European Director of the Tribe Network, fostering spiritual growth and community among believers worldwide.

Dr. Guobadia finds joy in traveling and engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds. He is married to Triumph and resides in London, where he continues to inspire and lead The Brook Place with dedication and purpose.

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