Noel Robinson singing

Noel Robinson

Worship Leader, Singer-Songwriter

Noel Robinson is a familiar face on TBN UK and is the host of 2 seasons of “Vox Collective”, he often is leading worship “Praise from London” and numerous other programmes, as well as and guest appearing in “A UK Gospel Music Celebration”.

Noel Robinson is a distinguished international worship leader, music pastor, accomplished songwriter, and producer, with a resolute mission to inspire the body of Christ towards worship, intercession, and unity in the present era.

With over two decades of immersion in worship ministry, Noel’s unique gift to traverse various cultural and diverse worship expressions has positioned him as a prominent leader at numerous esteemed events and conferences worldwide. He has collaborated with a myriad of ministries, including Morris Cerrullo, Reinhard Bonnke, Spring Harvest, Baptist Assembly, AOG, Elim churches, Renewal Worship Encounters, and many others, fostering unity and spiritual growth across diverse faith communities.