Kate Nicholas on Living a Transformed Life

Kate Nicholas

Preacher, Author, Broadcaster

Kate Nicholas, dedicated three decades to journalism, serving as a national magazine editor and global communications chief for the Christian charity World Vision International. Her life took a profound turn when she received a diagnosis of advanced cancer.

Amidst the challenges of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy, Kate penned her bestselling memoir, “Sea Changed: Coming Home, Healing, and Being at Peace with God.” Originally conceived as a legacy for her children, the memoir recounts her unconventional journey of faith and healing. Facing the prospect of leaving her children, Kate sought to convey the depth of God’s love that had accompanied her throughout her life. In the darkest days of her illness, a passage from Psalm 118:7, “I will not die but will live and declare the works of God,” provided solace. Against all odds, Kate survived, and her story transcended its initial purpose, becoming a part of something greater.

Kate has since spread her message of hope through various channels, including her TV series, “Living A Transformed Life,” broadcast on TBN UK. She engages with audiences through speaking events, online courses, and bible studies like “Sea Changed: A Companion Guide,” designed for individuals and groups to explore how God utilizes life’s circumstances for transformation. Beyond personal outreach, Kate extends her expertise to assist national and international charities and Christian organizations in communicating messages of hope through her communications and brand consultancy.