Joshua Joy Dara on stage at TBN UK presenting Joyful Promise

Joshua Joy Dara

Leader. Teacher. Musician.

Dr. Joshua Joy Dara, is the host of the devotional programme “Joyful Promise” on TBN UK. Originally from Ipee, Kwara State, Nigeria, Joshua Joy Dara migrated to the United States in 1980 for his higher education journey. He is now a U.S. citizen residing in Pineville, Louisiana, with his family.

Licensed to practice law in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, Dr. Dara holds credentials to appear before various federal circuits and courts, including the United States Federal Circuit, 5th Circuit, 8th Circuit, Court of Claims, and Court of International Trade.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Dr. Dara has been involved in ministry since 1980, serving in various roles across Africa and the United States. Ordained in 1990, he now leads as the Pastor of Zion Hill Church in Pineville, Louisiana, one of Central Louisiana’s largest churches with over 3000 members.

Beyond his religious duties, Dr. Dara is recognized for his multifaceted contributions as a Teacher, Television Evangelist, Musician, Recording Artist, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Businessman, and Community Leader. His wife, Elizabeth Joy Dara, and he are parents to five children. Dr. Dara has received numerous honours and awards.

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