The Chosen UK Premiere
Jesus from the Chosen

Jonathan Roumie


Jonathan plays the role of Jesus in the multi-season series “The Chosen” written by Dallas Jenkins, depicting the life of Christ. This ground-breaking project has set records as the most extensively crowdfunded media endeavour of all time, receiving widespread acclaim from critics.

Long before “The Chosen” became a reality, the dynamic duo of Jonathan and Dallas had already forged a creative connection. Several years prior, Dallas crafted a short film for his church’s Easter service, delving into the narrative of the two thieves crucified alongside Jesus where Jonathan, although was first considering the role of one of the thieves, ended up instead playing Jesus. Dallas had said there was a quality in Jonathan that captured the perfect blend of “tenderness and masculinity” essential for portraying Jesus. Dallas was so enamoured with Jonathan’s performance in this initial video that it sparked the beginning of a collaborative journey. Together, they went on to create several other vignettes, weaving a visual tapestry that brought to life different facets of the extraordinary story of Jesus in “The Chosen”.

We hear from Jonathan about portraying this incredible role while at The Chosen: UK Premiere showcasing season 4.